LPKF ProtoMat E44

Milling printed circuit boards in the electronics Lab

  • LPKF quality at an entry-level rate
  • With powerful CAM software
  • Single and double sided printed circuit boards
  • Ideal for research and training
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Safe, Precise and Affordable

Milling printed circuit boards in education and in the electronics laboratory

The LPKF ProtoMat E44 is the cost-effective entry into the world of professional PCB prototyping. The system scores with its particularly simple operation.

Machining PCBs with LPKF ProtoMat E44

Small and strong

The main field of application for theProtomat E44 is milling structures in copper-coated circuit board material, drilling through holes or milling individual circuit boards from larger panels. This ProtoMat already shows their advantages with smaller quantities or in occasional use: It offers similar precision as the high-speed ProtoMat S-series systems, but is limited to the essentials. The LPKF ProtoMat E44 has a spindle with 40,000 rpm. For manual tool change, the system features a collet chuck with precise height adjustment by micrometer screw.

Software included

The supplied LPKF CircuitPro CAM software facilitates the solution of production requirements. It offers extensive access to all process parameters. A comprehensive parameter library for many common materials supports the operator in his own projects.

Register system and camera

In addition to increased positioning accuracy on double-sided PCBs, the camera's measurement function helps the ProtoMat E44 to set the routing channels more easily. After the measuring process, the machine software guides the user to the optimal setting. Register systems are indispensable for processing double-sided PCBs: they hold the processed PCBs securely in one position, even after turning them over for structuring the second side. With the E44, a camera helps with positioning: It recognizes fiducials or geometric structures and aligns the structuring to them. With a resolution of less than 1 μm, a repeatability of ±5 μm and a precision in the fitting hole system of ±20 μm, the small circuit board plotter more than meets the requirements for single or double-sided circuit boards.

In-House PCB production on double sided FR4 material

LPKF Circuit Board Plotter at a glance

Specialist for RF and microwave applications, fully equipped for the electronics laboratory.

Allrounder for Rapid PCB Prototyping. The basic system for almost all in-house PCB prototyping applications.

The cost-effective entry into the world of professional in-house PCB prototyping.

Comparison LPKF Circuit Board Plotter

Milling / Drilling of 1- & 2-sided circuit boards
Milling / Drilling RF-, Microwave-Substrates-
Milling / Drilling of multilayers up to 8 layers
Routing of printed circuit boards
Engraving of front panels / signs--
Milling cut-outs in front panels
Milling of SMD solder paste stencils-
Machining of housings-
Milling of solder frames-
Depaneling, reworking of printed circuit boards-
Drilling of test adapters-
Inspection templates-


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