North America
Streamline Your
PCB Development Process,
Investigate Novel Materials

Laser Induced Deep Etching (LIDE)

Revolutionizing the Machining
of Thin Glass Substrates

Laser Plastic Welding

Next Generation
Joining Technology Today

Rapid PCB Prototyping Equipment

Systems for the production of PCBs and multilayer boards with up to six layers.

SMT Stencil Equipment

Laser production of SMT stencils, and quality check with inspection systems.

PCB Laser Processing Equipment

Processing of bare, rigid, and flexible PCBs.

PCB Laser Depaneling Equipment

Systems for depaneling populated PCBs and flex circuits.

Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) Equipment

Laser structuring of circuit layouts on 3D injection molded plastic parts.

Laser Plastic Welding Equipment

Innovative laser systems for the welding of plastic parts.

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