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Electronics Manufacturing

High performance for your business

As a highly specialized photonics machinery manufacturer and the world's leading provider of laser-driven production processes, LPKF Laser & Electronics offers all-in-one solutions for a broad range of applications.

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LPKF Webinars at a Glance

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Laser Depaneling

Minimize stress, maximize yield: stress free cutting of populated rigid and flexible PCBs

  • CleanCut technology
  • Automated handling
  • New LPKF PicoLine laser systems


Go to the dedicated depaneling website.

Laser Drilling and Cutting for PCB Shops

Stress free cutting and drilling of rigid PCBs, FPCBs and coverlays.

  • CleanCut technology
  • Short-pulse systems 
  • New LPKF PicoLine systems
SMT Stencils and Micro-cut Parts

LPKF StencilLasers, the first choice for SMT stencil manufacturers: Exact geometries for each and every stencil aperture.

  • Step stencils
  • XXL stencils
  • Micro-cut parts made from thin metal foils
IC Packaging

Incorporate higher IC functionality -- Processing of mold compounds

  • Through mold vias (TMVs),
  • Singulation of IC packages,
  • Through glass vias (TGVs)
3D-MID With Laser Direct Structuring (LDS)

Mechatronic integrated devices (MIDs) enable greater miniaturization. Laser-based structuring technologies are being increasingly used for manufacturing innovative mechatronic systems and microsystems such as sensors and actuators.

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