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Through-Hole Plating Solutions

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The prototyping process isn’t finished after the circuit board has been manufactured. With the subsequent processes – through-hole plating, solder mask coating, solder paste printing, assembly, and reflow soldering – a circuit board becomes an electronic assembly.

 Work With No Chemicals or by Electroplating

Two paths to the perfect results

  • The chemical-free through-hole plating process LPKF ProConduct® metallizes through-holes with diameters of up to 0.4 mm and aspect ratios of up to 1:4. At 19 milliohms on average, the electrical resistance of the plated-through holes is extremely low.
  • For through-hole electroplating, the LPKF Contac S4 combines various electrolytic and chemical processes in a compact safety housing.

The Perfect Couple: Laser Structuring and Through-Hole Electroplating

Chemical-free through-hole coating

LPKF ProConduct® is a system for chemical-free through-hole coating of double-sided and multilayer PCBs with paste. It is compact, fast, and easy to use.

Through-hole electroplating

For the wet chemical process, no knowledge of chemistry is needed; the LPKF Contac S4 system independently indicates the necessary process steps.

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