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Laser Plastic Welding

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High-end laser plastic welding with the expert

Joining plastic components in a way that is precise, reliable, and permanent – without adverse chemical, thermal, mechanical effects on the surrounding material? This is a simple job for LPKF laser welding machines!

When it comes to joining plastic components, laser technology has gained an excellent reputation. It efficiently creates plastic joints of unrivaled quality and cost-effectiveness. LPKF has many years of experience and is a global leader in this area.

LPKF weld seams – reliability for your product

Precise welding process

Precision is achieved by the accurately focused laser beam.

Exact weld seams

High production reliability for a weld seam density that is visually and functionally outstanding.

Process reliability

All machine components satisfy the high demands that you also have for your products.

8 + 8 = convincing arguments for LPKF laser plastic welding

8 advantages of laser plastic welding with LPKF 

  • Simple process setup - (nearly) child's play
  • Efficient processing in seconds
  • Highly flexible processing thanks to easy job setup
  • Reliability through process monitoring
  • Top quality standards
  • Best possible welding results
  • Highly available, low-maintenance machines
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8 benefits of the technology

  • New and one-of-a-kind: Identical and repeatable results on all calibrated LPKF laser welding machines
  • Perfectly clean: no released particles, no solvents no chemical treatment, no surface damage
  • No mechanical stress in the component; joints are even possible close to electronic
  • As solid as the material itself: joints that hold
  • Precise results: exact weld seams inside components
  • Truly impermeable: up to protection class 67
  • Aesthetically appealing results
  • Flexible and with online process monitoring

For you - from us: Learn more about laser plastic welding

Innovations from LPKF

The laser welding of your components is reliable thanks to our patented technologies.

Application experience

Laser plastic welding is what we know best - for (nearly) all productions areas, shapes, colors and functions.

Welding procedures of LPKF

In detail: How does plastic welding work using a laser?

Application experience: Laser plastic welding

We are the experts for safe, reliable, and economical plastic welding

Nowadays, plastics can be found everywhere: on supermarket shelves, in cars, in medical technology, in the toy industry, in the furniture industry, etc. In all of these areas, plastic components are joined together.  If this process needs to be particularly high-qualit, reliable, and stress-free then laser plastic welding is the universal procedure of choice.

This is where LPKF comes in. Particularly in our three core industries – automotive, medical technology, and consumer electronics – we know this field like the back of our hand. We take advantage of our knowledge of the standards, regulations, requirements, and challenges in the various industries by putting our extensive expertise in laser plastic welding to targeted use.

Countless products have already been produced using our machines – from small electronic housings to large fittings – and the number keeps growing every day. LPKF welding machines are at home in many branches of industry. See for yourself.

Core industry: Automotive

With our highly-specialized laser machines for joining plastics, LPKF is an important partner for the automotive industry.

Core industry: Medical technology

Laser plastic welding provides safety and reliability: Traceable processes, cleanliness in the application.

Core industry: Consumer Products

Laser plastic welding for consumer products: Flexible production, precise results

Other industrial sectors

Expertise in plastic joints - for your industry as well

Your Idea

Getting started is easy

Each project is special. We know that. And that is why we are glad to take on your assignments. Upon request, we will recommend materials or designs for developing products that are as efficient as possible and that are economically and technically superior to conventional materials and designs. We will find just the right machine for you and will calculate the optimum process parameters for you.

We will be at your side from the concept stage to the final product. If you already know us, then you are aware of this by now.

And if not... take advantage of the chance to have simple processes and top results – and get in touch with us!

Our expertise for your success

Talking with you is important to us.

Even if you have been joining plastic components with other technologies so far... you will obtain reliable, fast, and high-quality results using laser technology. Please allow our experts to advise you.

We are well-versed in this field and will accompany you through all development stages on the way to your solution.

We will accompany you - from the inital idea to the finished product.

Just the right solution for every application

The LPKF product portfolio includes laser systems for reliably welding very small to large parts, with weld seams from 100 μm to several millimeters in size.

  • Stand-alone systems of the PowerWeld family are especially compact and are suitable in a wide variety of production environments.
  • Integration systems of the InlineWeld family can be directly incorporated into each and every production line – with either a manual or automated component feed system.
  • If unique solutions are necessary, such as special feed systems, then our customer-specific solutions will come into play. We will gladly design a custom-made system for you.


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LPKF PowerWeld 2000/2600

Compact, product design flexible and universally applicable laser welding machine - with or without rotary indexing table

LPKF PowerWeld 6600

Short cycle times, excellent weld seam quality: Economical series production of large components

LPKF PowerWeld 3D 8000

Sophisticated special system with online process control for large components and particularly high demands on weld seam quality

LPKF TwinWeld 3D 6000

Patented hybrid process for perfect surfaces and economical production of larger components with complex geometries

LPKF InlineWeld 2000

Laser welding system for economical and reliable joining of cylindrical workpieces.

LPKF InlineWeld 6200

The most versatile system: different component sizes, different applications, always ready for use: different component sizes, different applications, always ready for use

LPKF InlineWeld 6600

Particularly short cycle times, 24/7 availability and flexibility make this machine an all-rounder when it comes to laser plastic welding

LPKF InlineWeld 6900

Small footprint - maximum flexibility for production processes with high variability: Closed welding cell with integrated control cabinet for "plug-and-play" integration

LPKF InlineWeld 9000

Everything is possible: from the combination of individual machine elements to complex robot islands

Your customized solution

Talk to us about your challenge. We will find the solution with you.

This measuring device ensures quality assurance even before the welding process

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