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LPKF ProtoLaser

Structuring of finest conductive path patterns

  • Benchmark for printed circuit board processing
  • Simple, fast, precise
  • Different laser wavelengths and pulse frequencies
  • Intuitive CircuitPro system software

Perfect for high-frequency applications

The laser structuring process is predestined for manufacturing for HF and microwave applications. In comparisons with etched printed boards, laser-structured printed boards came out on top in terms of precision, repeatability, and agreement with simulation results.


A welcome assistant in the electronics laboratory

The LPKF ProtoLasers are compact and undemanding. They only require a power outlet and compressed air and can fit through any lab door. The LPKF ProtoLasers S4 and U4 are each equipped with a vacuum table and a vision system and meet the requirements of laser class 1 in operation (no additional protective measures necessary).

Video: LPKF Copper Removal with ProtoLaser

For a large number of materials, suitable parameters for laser processing are already stored in a process library. This makes the ProtoLaser very easy to use. In addition, the user's own process parameters can be stored.

Application examples

Overview of LPKF ProtoLasers

Thanks to the specific wavelength of the UV laser, the ProtoLaser U4 can structure, engrave and cut materials in a single operation. This laser system is stable in the lower power range so that even thin and organic layers can be processed with minimal heat transfer.

[Translate to USA:] ProtoLaser R4 -- picosecond laser

Laser ablation with practically no heat transfer: The shorter the processing pulse, the less heat is transferred to the adjacent material. The picosecond laser of the ProtoLaser R4 clears - an important hurdle falls: There is no more heat transfer to speak of, with the material struck by the laser evaporating right away.

The compact laser system produces precise, fine structures for demanding PCBs in a very short time. Using a special process, the ProtoLaser S4 quickly removes large copper areas from laminated substrates such as FR4. The ProtoLaser S4 also delivers excellent results on special materials for RF applications.

The Tabletop system enables efficient prototyping of digital and analog circuits, RF and microwave PCBs -- even for multilayer PCBs. It achieves precise geometries on virtually any material with the laser tool. Precise drilling and milling even of thick substrates using mechanical drilling.


Fast Flexible PCB Prototyping with LPKF ProtoLasers
A Comparison of Different Materials and Systems (pdf - 3 MB)
Direct Laser Pocketing
Pocketing Comparison of U4 and R4 (pdf - 1 MB)
Borofloat Glass Processing
Microstructures in Glass with the R4 (pdf - 1,014 KB)
Sub-micron Structures
Tiny-structures with the R4 (pdf - 1 MB)
Multilayer Prototypes in a Single Day
4-Layer Prototype with ProtoLaser H4, Contac S4 and MultiPress (pdf - 1 MB)
A Comparison of Methods
Compare Chem-etch vs Laser-etch vs Mechanical Milling (pdf - 1 MB)
Recently Published Research
Summary of Recent University and Institutional Research Projects (pdf - 2 MB)

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