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LPKF TherMoPro
Quality Control

System Advantages 

  • 100% Inline quality control
  • Non-destructive component testing
  • Software evaluation of the heatmpap
  • Reassurance for process-managers
  • Increase product quality, detect faults 
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The Benchmark for Inline Process Control and Quality Monitoring

Thermographic Quality Control System

The LPKF Thermographic Check System – TherMoPro – is the latest innovation from LPKF and can easily be integrated after the laser plastic welding process itself. The Thermografic check systems takes a heat picture of every part after the welding process and transfers it into a heat map. With an LPKF developed algorithm that heat map can be checked and compared to a defined reference standard and defined process limits. This offers a 100 % and non destructive quality control for ensuring several quality standards.

Integration of TherMoPro in the welding process

LPKF Software Solution, including

  • PLC communication for trigger and traceability
  • Automated Contour-finding and statistical analysis
  • Export of Results (pictures, data) for each part
  • OK / NOK Decision according to type-specified criteria
  • Additional functionalities for analyzing particular areas of the heat map

Why Choose an LPKF System?

  • LPKF has extensive application experience in laser plastic welding, thermography systems and software solutions
  • Strong collaboration between industrial partners in the context of R&D work
  • The right way to analyze the data to get a reliable solution – to avoid false positives or false negatives


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