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LPKF RadialWeld 2200

Economic and reliable joining
of cylindrical components

  • Integral laser plastic welding solution for cylindrical and non-rotatable workpieces
  • Increased power for high production throughput
  • Stable process technology, integrated quality assurance
  • Low space requirement, extensive interfacing options
  • Cost-efficient in investment and maintenance
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Optimal joining of cylindrical components

LPKF RadialWeld 2200: A solution for every requirement

Radial welding of rotationally symmetrical plastic components has never been easier than with the new LPKF RadialWeld 2200, a system developed for automated production lines. Powerful, fast and flexible.

Radial welding with a system

Hygienic and particle-free: plastic connections by laser welding

The RadialWeld 2200 simplifies the radial welding of rotationally symmetrical plastic components. The system was developed for automated production lines and consists of a welding head with a powerful laser source and a rotating arm for fast welding processes. The system architecture is very easy to adapt, giving the user a high degree of flexibility in component design. The quality of the radial welding process is monitored and controlled by an integrated functional component.

With the LPKF RadialWeld 2200 radial welding system, various geometries can be reliably welded:

  • Cylinder-shaped components
  • Oval components
  • Customized geometries upon request

For specific fits, the use of an external compressive force is required. The RadialWeld 2200 offers this possibility:

  • Press fit; no pressure is required in this case
  • Conical designs require the application of pressure

Applications for any industry

[Translate to USA:] Laser-Welded Cylinder
  • Valves
  • Connectors
  • Cables
  • Thermal management
[Translate to USA:] Pen
Consumer Products
  • Containers
  • Tins
  • E-cigarettes
  • Lipsticks
[Translate to USA:] Cylinders for liquids
Medical, pharma and food
  • Syringes
  • Containers
  • Catheters

Possible part shapes

[Translate to USA:] Round cylinders
Round Cylinders

Whether small or larger diameters: round shapes can be optimally laser welded

[Translate to USA:] Oval parts
Oval parts

Welding of oval components is also possible with the InlineWeld 2000 Gen. 2 radial welding system.

[Translate to USA:] Cylinders: Various geometries
Various geometries

Talk to us if you have other geometries. The InlineWeld 2000 Gen. 2 also offers specific solutions for this.

Possible weld seam geometries

[Translate to USA:] Press-Fit

The joining partners are pre-assembled by means of a press fit before welding. The height and surface of the component (flat or with interference contours) can vary.

[Translate to USA:] Tapered fit
Tapered fit

External force application is required for welding conical welding edges. The exact configuration of this is carried out by our experts.

[Translate to USA:] Joining with bridge
Joining with bridge

This seam geometry requires an adjustment of the beam guidance as well as the application of an external force. Our experts design the system precisely.


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