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[Translate to USA:] Grounded Co-planar waveguide GCPW

Grounded co-planar waveguide (GCPW)

Active Mold Packaging

61 GHz Bow Tie Antenna with 50 OHM impedance matching

Active Mold Packaging
[Translate to USA:] Face-Up Die Package-on-Package (PoP)

Face-up die package-on-package (PoP)

Active Mold Packaging
[Translate to USA:] Pre-mold Leadframe for fine pitch, chip scale (CS) quad-flat no lead (QFN) packages

Pre-mold leadframe for fine pitch, chip scale (CS)
quad-flat no lead (QFN) packages

Active Mold Packaging
[Translate to USA:] Counterfeit-Proof Marking of IC Packages and SiPs

Counterfeit-proof marking of IC packages and SiPs

Active Mold Packaging
[Translate to USA:] Flip-Chip Package-on-Package (fc-PoP)

Flip-chip package-on-package (fc-PoP)

Active Mold Packaging

Why Active Mold Packaging (AMP)?

To functionalize the real-estate of the epoxy mold compound.

Active Mold Packaging is an easy, time-saving and reliable 2.5D packaging approach, which establishes electrical circuitry on the surface and in the volume of the Epoxy Mold Compound.

Epoxy Mold Compounds (EMC) for Semiconductors can do More for you

You can learn more about the advantages of 3D integrated circuits here:

Reduced package cost

Up to 30% cost reduction for Package-on-Package
compared to traditional sequential layer build up technology

Improved thermal management

Up to 10x higher heat dissipation of mold-embedded copper heat sink (≈ 400 W/mK) compared to thermally conductive Epoxy Mold Compounds (≈ 4 W/mK)

Reduced package footprint

Up to 50% reduced via-diameter, -space, -pad, -annular ring
compared to traditional TMV drilling and copper paste printing

Increased package lifetime

Up to 50% greater solder joint reliability
compared to shear load distribution of traditional wire bonding

Molding of Epoxy Mold Compounds

  • New class of Epoxy Mold Compounds, designed for the patented Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) Technology

  • EMC available in granular and tablet form from a variety of compound suppliers

  • For Leadframe and Substrate applications

  • Virtually all existing compounds can be adopted for the Laser Direct Structuring and plating process

Laser Direct Structuring with LPKF Laser Tools

  • Line/ Space of 25 um each
  • Aspect ratio of 1:10
  • Area pattern and via drilling in one step
  • Fully automed and autonomous production

Direct Copper plating

  • Laser Direct Structuring Technology enables direct electro-less plating of copper
  • Several tens of micron copper thickness by subsequent chemical copper plating
  • Selection of surface finishes, e.g. electro-less Nickel, immersion gold ("ENIG") available
  • High aspect ratio plating from 1:1 (for blind vias) up to 1:10 (for true through mold vias)

More solutions for the semiconductor industry

Glass for Heterogeneous Integration -- a team of dedicated engineers and researchers allows you to take advantage of the latest process technology for thin glass applications while focusing on added value for your application.

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