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PCB structuring

The faster way to create circuit boards

Mechanical or laser systems enable single-sided and double-sided PCBs, multilayers, high-capacity circuits, RF and microwave PCBs, and rigid and flex PCBs to be manufactured – thus offering exciting options for electronic products.

Milling the conductor pattern

1- & 2-sided PCBs and multilayers

Mechanical and laser systems selectively remove the copper layers on single- and double-sided circuit boards, thereby creating insulating channels that precisely delineate the required conductive traces and pads. The circuit board plotters also drill all the necessary holes in the boards.

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PCB structuring with the laser

1- & 2-sided PCBs and multilayers

Laser structuring implements conductive paths even faster and more accurately than mechanical methods do. It places exact geometries on various substrates such as copper-clad FR4, aluminized PET film, ceramics, duorid or PTFE.

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