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Produce Through-holes
and Blind Vias.

PCB drilling

Produce through-holes and blind vias

All holes on a circuit board can be drilled using LPKF circuit board plotters or LPKF ProtoLasers.

Laser drilling

Laser processing is an efficient technology for producing drilled microvias with diameters of less than 200 μm..  LPKF ProtoLaser systems can be used for processing of a wide variety of board substrates, e.g., RCC, FR4 and FR5, Teflon®, and Thermount®.

Our application specialists would be happy to help you with the sampling of your materials.

Mechanical drilling

For drilling of FR4 boards with different shapes, resolutions, and densities, LPKF circuit board plotters represent an efficient, low-cost solution. Drill holes with diameters starting at 0.15 mm. LPKF ProtoLaser series laser systems are available if you require even smaller diameters. Our application specialists would be happy to advise you on which technology is suitable for your application.

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