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Step by step through data preperation and the manufacturing process

The LPKF circuit board plotters and ProtoLasers come with the powerful system software CircuitPro. It imports the data from the design software, uses it to generate the individual processing steps, prepares it for production, and guides the user through each step of the manufacturing process.

Precision counts ...

"... which is why controlling modern prototyping systems is unthinkable without sophisticated software. LPKF CircuitPro is the latest generation powerful CAM and machine software. It combines data preparation and system control in one program.

Already during the installation process LPKF CircuitPro checks, which prototyping units will be used and includes them in the production process. LPKF CircuitPro transfers design data from CAD/EDA systems. The process planning assistant prompts the user to enter e.g. the number of layers, the material used and the type of finishing. Step-by-step the project parameters are created."

Lars Führmann, Product Manager Business Unit DevelopmentQuipment

Design rule check

The LPKF software includes advanced algorithms for mechanical milling or laser paths for design processing.  A design rule check is also available to verify   spacing that can be processed with the available tools.

Insulating the conductive traces

In the next step LPKF CircuitPro generates milling lines for insulating the conductive traces and the contours for depaneling of the board – both in the technology dialog box.

The production wizard

Further control of the project is assumed by the production wizard, which guides the user through the production process. After the view has switched from CAM to machine view, LPKF CircuitPro prompts the user to enter the material properties and defines the position on the working surface. Then the project is  displayed on the virtual working surface – and production can begin. At this point multiple PCBs from a project can be positioned on a panel. The PCBs are all fabricated from the same base material.


During the processing of the board the wizard prompts the user when manual intervention is necessary. These interventions can include turning over the processed board, through-hole plating, or changing a tool. If the project is saved at the end, all production data will be immediately available for the next run.

Optimum performance

Detection of geometric structures has been enhanced in the latest version. Through this the ProtoMats and ProtoLasers can significantelly accelerate the work process.

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