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LPKF is renowned for worldwide leadership in designing easy-to-use, world class laser depaneling systems specifically tailored to customer needs. From this leadership vantage point, LPKF is uniquely able to provide customers with worldwide premium customer support.

Service Packages

The entry level
  • Fast response time for minimizing downtime of your machine
  • Qualified support via e-mail and phone
  • Remote support free of charge
The next step
  • Probability of failure decreases significantly
  • Preventive maintenance secures your investment
  • Easy planning with scheduled maintenance
  • Basic package included
The comprehensive package
  • Full service and complete cost control
  • Highest uptime of your machine
  • Warranty up to10 years possible
  • Basic and Classic package included

 Important parts of your success

Technical Customer Service

No matter whether you produce in Europe, America, or Asia – highly qualified LPKF service technicians are there for you across the globe. Whether you need personal service on site or remote support over the phone or by email – you can count on receiving competent support.

  • We are there for you around the world and will quickly resolve even the most challenging cases  for you
  • Prompt support plus rapid analysis and response times thanks to a standard global communication system
  • All LPKF service technicians around the world are given further training according to a uniform standard
Installation and Training

We will provide you with professional commissioning for your investment. With first-rate training, you will be able to exploit the full potential of the laser systems. Choose from among an extensive assortment of operator, programming and maintenance courses. Guarantee that your expertise is one step ahead and respond flexibly to new challenges from your customers at all times.

  • We carry out initial installation and even relocation of your systems
  • Our wide assortment of training programs accommodates both beginners and experts
  • An ideal blend of theoretical and practical training ensures that the knowledge conveyed will be longlasting
  • Experienced lecturers, perfectly equipped seminar rooms, and hands-on machine training
Maintenance and Calibration

You need to be able to profit from a high level of machine availability and system precision, which is why we offer preventive maintenance and calibrations.

  • Documented preventive maintenance is a basic element for ensuring a long service life for your system
  • Calibration with highly precise calibration tools, after which a certificate is issued
Spare Parts

It is important for your investment to pay off in the long run. Original spare parts from LPKF will help you achieve this. With LPKF spare parts tailored to your product, your production process will be reliable, efficient and precise.

  • Worldwide service hubs and spare parts warehouses
  • Speedy delivery you can count on
  • Reliable function of LPKF spare parts
  • Support provided by our LPKF experts from selection to installation
Process Optimization and Upgrades
  • When it comes to optimizing processes, adapting applications and getting the most out of your setup, our experts will be happy to assist you.
  • Stay one step ahead with professional LPKF upgrades
  • Respond quickly and flexibly to changes on the market
  • Invest in upgrades to lower your costs and become more profitable


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