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[Translate to USA:] 3D MIDs through laser direct structuring (LDS)
Laser Direct Structuring - Service Suppliers

These companies provides MID contract manufacturing capabilities using LPKF laser direct structuring technology from in North America. Their services include engineering support, injection molding, laser structuring and metallization which allows for excellent turnaround.

Amphenol Mobile Consumer Products

Contact: Dan Gorsage
100 Tri-State International
Suite 265
Lincolnshire, IL 60060
Phone: (847) 601-6717

Harting Inc. North America

Contact: Mike Deckert
1370 Bowes Rd.
Eglin, IL 60123
Phone: (847) 204-5392

Molex Inc. Antenna Business Unit

Contact: Colm Conlon
2222 Wellington Court
Lisle, IL 60532
Phone: (630) 718-5122

TE Connectivity MID Antenna Products

Contact: Christian Koehler
6900 Paseo Padre Parkway
Fremont, CA  94555
Phone: +49 172 5351 555

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