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The new benchmark for smallest apertures

  • Perfectly suited for wafer stencils
  • High and stable precision 
  • Exceptionally efficient production
  • Optimal quality

MicroCut 6080

The solution for increasing market requirements

The basis of the MicroCut 6080 is the well-known and field-proven StencilLaser G 6080 platform. The MicroCut 6080 offers unique advantages for users who value extremely small stencil opening and corresponding print results.

 Benefits MicroCut 6080

Easy application

The uncomplicated programming and parameter search makes it easy to overcome previously existing process limits and to meet increasing market requirements.

Most modern positioning and cutting technology

MicroCut 6080 is specifically designed to meet the requirements of small apertures and enables cutting of precise apertures as small as 18 μm on the laser input side and 10 μm on the output side.

Technical data

 MicroCut 6080
Working range600 mm x 800 mm (23.6” x 31.5”)
Max. frame size740 mm x 1800 mm x 40 mm (29.1” x 70.9” x 1.6”)*
Axis accuracy±2 µm
Max. material thicknessup to 1 mm
System demensions (W x H x D)1530 mm x 1920 mm x 1625 mm (61” x 75” x 64”)
Weightca. 2200 kg



LPKF Laser Systems for SMT Stencils and Precision Parts (pdf - 878 KB)

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