LPKF CuttingMaster
  • Large working area
  • Highest accuracy
  • CleanCut Technology
  • Flexible system
LPKF CuttingMaster 3000 Laser Depaneling System

CuttingMaster 3000: High power and precision PCB depaneling solution

Available with different laser sources and power levels.

The CuttingMaster 3000 systems are designed to achieve the highest quality results for almost any cutting task. LPKF's proprietary CleanCut technology enables even the most demanding applications where absolute technical cleanliness of the cut edges is essential.

Outstanding Precision, High Performance, Best Cutting Quality

The systems of the CuttingMaster 3000 series are equipped with linear drives. This ensures an extremely high positioning accuracy and thus an outstanding performance. The CuttingMaster 3000 series offers a large working area for processing panels up to 500 mm x 350 mm.

The ability to integrate a wide selection of different laser sources with different wavelengths and pulse durations in the nanosecond and picosecond range makes it possible to use them for very different applications and materials. The CuttingMaster 3000 can also be used for drilling applications. The robust granite table guarantees reliable precision.

Process advantages through the laser

  • The laser process is completely software controlled. Changing materials or cutting contours are simply taken into account by adjusting the processing parameters and laser paths.

  • No significant mechanical or thermal stress is caused during laser cutting with laser. The ablation products are extracted directly at the cutting channel. This means that even sensitive substrates can be precisely processed.

  • The laser beam only requires a few µm as a cutting channel. This allows more components to be placed on a panel.

Optimum performance

  • The systems are equipped with the powerful LPKF CircuitPro system software, which is perfectly matched to the hardware and designed for easy operation without expert knowledge. CircuitPro is compatible with all data formats and standard interfaces commonly used in PCB production.

  • Custom MES connectivity, multi-fiducial detection, bad board detection and full product traceability are also available to optimize the production efficiency of the LPKF CuttingMaster system in the SMT assembly process.

  • All LPKF CuttingMaster systems are available as stand-alone or inline solutions. They are designed for 24/7 production.

Technical Data

 Manual (P)Automated (Ci)
Max. Working Area (X x Y)500 mm x 350 mm460 mm x 305 mm
Positioning accuracy  +/- 20 µm
Diameter of focused laser beam < 20 µm
System dimensions (W x H x D)1050 mm x 1530 mm (2120 mm)* x 2000 mm
Weightca. 1400 kg

*Height including status light

Available Variants

Laser powerWavelengthPulse duration3000 seriesCleanCut
27 W355 nm (UV)nano second3127X
36 W532 nm (green)nano second3236X
65 W532 nm (green)pico second3565X

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