The LPKF ProtoLaser

PCBs at the Press of a Button

Getting your hands on prototype PCBs quickly is a crucial advantage in electronics development. This is what the LPKF ProtoLaser is all about. The laser system opens up a new dimension in in-house prototyping: it transfers the layout onto the PCB with unprecedented speed and precision — easily and with no chemicals.

 What does it mean for me?

Benefits for MW/RF
  • Instant turnaround on circuit prototypes
  • Unparalleled accuracy and resolution (smallest line width 2 mil/50 micron)
  • Equipped for future demands
  • Compact and safe to operate in any lab (Laser Safety Class 1)
  • Works on virtually all substrates including fired ceramics (Alumina), PTFE and FR4
Benefits for Military/Government
  • Keep sensitive designs in house
  • Cover all needs from individual prototypes to mid size production runs
  • LPKF is a GSA contractor and the biggest supplier of PCB prototyping equipment to the US government
  • Compact and safe to operate in any lab (Laser Safety Class I)
Benefits for Large Companies
  • Multiple applications allow for uses across multiple departments
  • High-mix versatility whether you make one product or hundreds
  • Easily scalable redundancy: multiple machines at various locations, all speaking the same language
  • Quicker prototyping cycles means getting to market before the competition
  • Have a completed prototype in the same time it takes to complete requisition paperwork for outsourcing

LPKF Laser & Electronics' ProtoLaser is a fully enclosed laser system for PCB prototyping and production on-demand. These stand-alone laser-based systems work directly off of CAD data to produce circuits on a variety of materials; from FR4 to PTEE and fired or green ceramics. The protective cabinet allows for a Class 1 laser safety rating and can be run from a standard 110V power outlet, making it suitable for any lab environment.

"The ProtoLaser has allowed us to produce as many as 500 custom filters in just one week! The ability of this system to quickly and accurately produce new design revisions has made the ProtoLaser one of our most important investments in capital equipment."

— Boris Yasinov from Elcom Technologies

The advanced laser technology, optics and x/y/z table result in shortened development time and simple data handling for rapid metal removal, drilling and cutting. This makes the ProtoLaser an ideal solution for RF and microwave PCBs

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