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LPKF Laser & Electronics is proud to announce that we are an official General Services Administration (GSA) Contractor by the US Federal Government.

LPKF’s GSA Contractor number is:  GS-06F-0054S under subcategory SIN 811310MR

This designation means that all our Federal Government customers can:

1. Take advantage of the GSA pricing discount on our equipment and products;

2. Conveniently order directly from LPKF or through the web site

To review our products and place an order, simply . . . . . .

Visit the GSAadvantage web site:
LPKF Contract Number:  GS-06F-0054S


Contact LPKF Laser & Electronics North America
(503) 454-4219

GSA specific pricing is available only on the GSA web site listed above, or by contacting LPKF directly.  All orders placed via the LPKF Online Store will be processed with LPKF standard list prices.

Our GSA contractor designation is another example of why LPKF Laser & Electronics is the leader in rapid PCB prototyping and one more way in which we strive to be your choice for all your prototyping needs.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


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