PCB Laser Depaneling

Reduce Stress and Increase Yield with LPKF CuttingMaster Laser Systems

With increased yield and improved product reliability, LPKF laser depaneling systems contribute where you need it most . . . the bottom line.

LPKF laser systems provide the flexibility, reliability and high precision that OEM customers have come to expect from their contract manufacturing partners. By reducing product changeover time, increasing accuracy and eliminating tooling costs these systems simply produce a better product at a lower cost.

Problems Lasers can Eliminate

  • Compromised yield
  • Mechanical stress to the foil, circuit, and solder joints
  • Die misalignment
  • Damaged components
  • Fractured boards
  • Contamination of the work piece and post-process cleaning procedures

Benefits of Laser Depaneling

  • Touchless - No mechanical stress
  • Clean - minimal debris
  • Versatile - Cut any material from FR4, PTFE, ceramic, flex or any combination thereof
  • Design Freedom – Cut any shape, with any contour and minimal corner radii
  • Low operating cost: No router bits, saw blades or additional fixture/tooling costs

Economical Advantages

All LPKF laser systems work directly from CAD data and require no specific tooling. In many cases, the savings in tooling costs can cover the cost of a laser system in less than 10 months - depending on the tools needed per year. With easy handling and short changeover times our laser depaneling systems offer economical solutions to compete in today's on-demand world, and we have the ROI calculations to prove it.

Typical Laser PCB Applications

  • Depaneling flex and rigid PCBs
  • Cover layer cutting
  • Cutting fired and unfired ceramics
  • Microvia drilling
  • Skiving (cover layer and solder mask removal)
  • Defined-depth pocket creation
  • Metal ablation (for circuit board creation and repair or rework)
  • Serialization, bar code reading/writing/marking

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