Reduce stress and increase yield with LPKF MicroLine UV Laser Systems

Clean and accurate depaneling of populated and bare circuits using a laser reduces the negative effects of stress associated with other depaneling methods. The result includes increased production yield and a host of other advantages.

Benefits of laser depaneling

  • No mechanical stress
  • Limited debris
  • Minimized thermal stress
  • Cut any material: rigid, flex, or rigid-flex
  • Low operating cost

Problems lasers can eliminate

  • Mechanical stress to the foil or circuit
  • Die misalignment
  • Damaged components
  • Fractured boards
  • Contamination of the work piece

What can LPKF do for you?

The MicroLine family of systems features both stand-alone and inline configurations. Accurate, low-stress UV laser beams allow you to place components right to the edge of the circuit and fit more boards per panel. Based on your applications, each system can be equipped with either a 10 or 15 watt laser source. For more information on depaneling with lasers, fill out the form below.

MicroLine 2120 P

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