Through-hole Plating and Multilayer Solutions

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Producing state of the art PCB prototypes and breadboards requires quality through-hole conductivity. The through-hole plating process must be robust. LPKF equipment assures professional quality through-hole conductivity.

LPKF offers several through-hole plating solutions to complement its already impressive line of equipment for producing in-house prototypes. Each of LPKF’s prototyping and development cycle solutions offer:

  • Quality in-house through-hole conductivity
  • Reduced prototyping turnaround time
  • Decreased time-to-market cycle

Multilayer printed circuit boards are commonly used in both industrial and academic applications. The ability to produce multi-layer PCB’s greatly expands any in-house prototyping solution. The LPKF MultiPress offers a superior solution for fabricating reliable multilayer PCBs. It produces quality professional multilayer printed circuit boards.

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