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Quality control software for SMT stencils

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Solder paste application contributes significantly to the quality of a finished board; any effort to improve the quality is appealing. Wear effects on aperture geometries, or residue of solder paste in apertures after stencil cleaning, should be detected before misprints occur. The LPKF StencilCheck software tool compares the target values for aperture geometries with the vectorized data from a stencil scan. This helps to make sure that all stencil apertures are ready for the next print run.

LPKF StencilCheck for Stencil Manufacturers

Stencil manufacturers can easily submit quality reports to their clients; strengthening customer loyalty. LPKF StencilCheck works with all common third party scanners. Individual quality certificates can be generated cost efficiently. LPKF StencilCheck helps to meet the industry’s growing demand for complete traceability of product quality. An optional CPK module expands the capability of LPKF StencilCheck to include statistical breakdown.

LPKF StencilCheck for Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

With LPKF StencilCheck, wear and tear effects resulting from thousands of squeegee movements causing mechanical stress on the stencil can be detected early. Thus, unsatisfactory print quality can be avoided and at the same time costs for materials, components and ineffective production time can be saved. After cleaning takes place LPKF StencilCheck verifies that all stencils apertures are free of solder paste.

  • Detection of deterioration in aperture geometries through wear or contamination
  • Generate extended Gerber data from stencil scans
  • Works with any common third-party scanner
  • User friendly intuitive interface
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