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"The machine is performing beyond expectations. At the time of purchasing we had an older model, and the new machine is great. The new software is easier to use and more responsive to the equipment. The precision has increased and the auto height adjustment saves us a lot of time/frustration."
  -Isaiah Patterson - Advanced Illumination

"Vervecomm has used the LPKF ProtoMat 91S for over 17 years to perfect and validate hundreds of circuit designs. We have recently replaced this with the ProtoMat S63 which offers substantially improved capabilities which dramatically improve processing ease and time. As a significant inducement LPKF offered to perform a free maintenance on the old ProtoMat so that the system could be donated to a local high school. Not only did we get to upgrade our LPKF system but we were able to help a school gain a valuable educational tool. The school's robotics team plans to make significant use in their upcoming competitions and expect it to help prepare future engineers for work in the electronics development field."
  -Jud Heinzmann - Vervecomm Inc.

"Since we have LPKF ProtoMat S63, we can make our prototype fast and accurately for our mixed-signal design applications. We've designed the PCBs for various applications from DC level to RF level. It has been a quick and cost effective way to provide PCBs for our experiments."
  -Hyoung Soo - University of North Texas

"The LPKF MultiPress is a programmable heat press that is compact, and cost effective. Making multilayer boards with this press is fast and easy"
  -Ben Bark - Procyon PCB, Inc.

"You can't beat the performance of an LPKF system for RF & Microwave prototyping. We do up to three iterations of design within a day"
  -Leonard Weber - Agilent

"Working in development present several problems when prototyping circuits. In our situation developing a prototype circuit card is usually an on demand situation that at times we would have to complete by utilizing wire wrap, or bread boarding from a schematic. Most of the time being a long and drawn out project with sometimes mixed results, and depending on the size of the circuit, a pain to rework. In this situation utilizing our ProtoMat H100 system we can produce a more reliable circuit card that is easily reproducible in a matter of hours instead of days with minimal user input once the process is started, and easily support our on demand style work atmosphere."
  -Michael Baranowski - General Dynamics Land Systems

"We are a small research and development lab, so the purchase of our S62 demanded a large commitment from our operational budget. However, the results have been all I could have asked for; we have total control of project scheduling. Depending on the scale our engineer can design, test and re-implement a board in 2-3 days, where before he would be at the mercy of the priorities of an outsource. Having an in-house PC Board Plotter has allowed us to focus on design problems rather than the 'hurry up and wait' problems of scheduling is sues."
  -Greg Ford - Gregory Industrial Computer ltd.

"Being a small company, sales is always pressuring us to get out new products. With the ProtoMat M60, we are literally able to prototype our design the very next day. This better enables us to meet our deadlines, keep the sales' folks happy and most importantly satisfy our customers. It is a great machine and so is the customer service!"
  -Shane De Lima - The Bodine Company

"Higher educational research often demands repeated creation of new and improved prototypes. The institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick has a long history in the research and clinical aspects of advanced myoelectric controls systems for artificial limbs, and it's recognized worldwide for this work. The design and fabrication of prototypes is a key element of much of this research, and it is here that we utilize the ProtoMat S62. I looked to the S62 because of the increasing demands placed on board production by surface-mount components. He also indicated that some designs were using the minimum isolation width to keep board size to a minimum. Research that uses RF layout for wireless bio sensors will be on of the projects tackles in the near future."
  -John Hayden - University of New Brunswick

“This machine is the most useful piece of equipment in our lab!”
  -Ben Weinberg – PCA Electronics, Inc.

“We have had our LPKF ProtoMat® system for five years now and find it invaluable for boards and other components. It is the best investment this company ever made.”
  -Nigel Robb – System Sound & Light, Ltd.

“LPKF provides the top-notch kind of technical support that reflects the high quality standards that LPKF has set forth.”
  -Charles Grey – RF Micro Devises, Inc.

“Excellent! It’s a wonderful machine that saves me a lot of time. I love it!”
  -Frank Galica - Supertex, Inc.