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PCB prototyping advancements over the past two decades

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20 years ago, gas was cheap and Netscape Navigator was still in the development stage. A lot has changed since then, including what is possible with in-house PCB prototyping. Over the past two decades, technology introduced by LPKF has made PCB prototyping more efficient, more accurate, and of higher quality than was previously thought possible.

This LPKF webinar walks through technological advancements made over the past two decades, including machine features, potential applications, and end-user results. Register now to find out just how much has changed!

In The Webinar:

  • achine features and advancements
  • Applications
  • How advancements have made in-house prototyping faster and more accurate
  • A fun look back at yesterday

Who This Will Benefit:

  • Anyone who owns in-house PCB prototyping equipment
  • Anyone interested in owning in-house PCB prototyping equipment
  • PCB design engineers
  • Engineering managers
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