Instant solder mask for prototype PCB's

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An easy-to-use cost-effective solution for producing professionally masked PCBs in an in-house prototyping environment.

  • Compact, quick and easy to use
  • Professional finish and perfect soldering
  • Four simple steps to a professional result

The LPKF ProMask® is an easy-to-apply green solder resist mask. This professional finish, ideal for all rapid PCB projects, is especially important for SMT projects where lines are very close and circuit isolation/insulation is critical. The ProMask® system requires very little training and no prior experience to master.

Perfect results for in-house prototyping

The LPKF ProMask® finishes prototype PCBs professionally and helps protect traces and prevent short circuits from soldering conventional though-hole or SMT components.

Easy to use

The LPKF ProMask® includes all the necessary instructions, tools, and supplies. All consumables are premeasured and individually sealed.

Environmentally friendly

All remnants from the ProMask® process are rendered environmentally harmless with an included Ph conditioning powder. Disposal is safe and simple.

Security and rapid turnaround time

In-house PCB prototyping moves circuits from design to prototype to market faster by eliminating production delays and the high costs associated with outside vendors. Additionally, all designs remain securely within the organization.


LPKF ProMask® Starter Kit

All of the necessary accessories for the application of the ProMask® consumable materials.


Transfer the artwork pattern to the PCB surface in approximately thirty seconds.

Hot air oven

Pre-dry the PCB and harden the resist in thirty minutes using this hot air oven. The oven offers an integrated time switch clock and a precise temperature regulator.

LPKF ProMask® Consumable Set

Includes ProMask® lacquer gel, developing foils, and developer.

Technical Specifications: ProMask

Max. Material size 229 mm x 305 mm (9" x 12")
Max. Layout area of image exposer 240 mm x 340 mm (9.5" x 13")
Processing time Approx. 60 min/cycle
Pad Separation >0.5mm (20 mil) fine pitch
Adhesive Strength Class H & T, test method: IPC-SM-840 C, Item
Solder Bath Resist 20 s at 265C (509F), Test method, IPC-SM-840 C, Item 3.7.2
10 s at 288C (550F), test method: MIL-P 55 110 D
20 s at 288C (550F), test method: UL 94 (lead-free)
Surface Resistance 2x10 exp 14 Ω, test method: IPC-SM-840 C, item 3.9.1
Moisture resistance Class H & T, test method: IPC-SM-840 C, Item 3.9.1
Solving/Cleaning Agent resistance IPC-SM-840 C, Item 3.9.1 (10 percent alkaline cleaner, isoporpanol, monoethanolamine)
Minimum capital height 2.0 mm (with 1200 dpi laser printer)
Minimum capital Strength 0.1 mm (with 1200 dpi laser printer)
Hardware Requirements Min. 600 dpi laser printer
Software Requirements LPKF Circuitcam 5.1 (or higher) or LPKF Circuitpro
Technical specifications subject to change.
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