Hybrid Welding

Hybrid Welding

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The hybrid welding technology has been developed by LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, Plastics Welding Division in cooperation with the Institute Bayerisches Laserzentrum gGmbH. It is an approach to provide cost-effective and tool-independent laser welding systems, which are able to compensate for the geometrical deviations that large, three-dimensional joining partners are afflicted with.

The technology employs a combination of laser light with the infrared radiation emitted by conventional halogen heating lamps. This concept of a dual irradiance has already proven to increase both, processing speed and fault-tolerance.

Target applications of the hybrid welding technology are not only structural automotive parts, e.g. head and rear lamps and plastic engine parts, but also consumer products and medical applications.

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The specialized TwinWeld3D is designed to handle large, free-form components. The laser delivery head, halogen lamp and clamping arm are attached to the end of a 6-axis robot, allowing for flexible delivery of the laser beam at any point along large parts. Please visit the TwinWeld3D webpage for more details.

LQ-TwinWeld3D Laser Welder
LQ-TwinWeld3D Inner View
LQ-TwinWeld3D Outer View