LPKF PowerWeld 6600
Series Production
  • Laser welding with fast cycle times
  • Large working area for large components
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High-Speed Laser Welding

LPKF PowerWeld 6600 for economical series production of large components

Modern technology for the leading joining technology in the production of medium and large series. - LPKF PowerWeld 6600 for integration into higher-level production control systems.


The laser welding machine is prepared for communication with an MES. Thanks to the laser power and the fast scanner system, PowerWeld 6600 achieves fast cycle times. The working field of 500 mm x 350 mm allows the production of large components or the processing of several parts with one load. Simple operation and maintenance characterize the sophisticated machine concept. Process data can be exchanged between different PowerWeld 6600 laser systems with just a click of the mouse. This benefits many applications that are manufactured in large quantities and on several machines.

[Translate to USA:] Control Device for an electronic steering system
Control Device

Safety comes first: That's why laser-welded with PowerWeld 6600

[Translate to USA:] Shaver Housing
Shaver Housing

For multiple loading, smaller components  - like this razor housing - can be welded simultaneously.

LPKF PowerWeld 6600: High-Speed Laser Welding


LPKF PowerWeld 6600 (pdf - 205 KB)

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