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LPKF PowerWeld 2600

Multi-purpose, compact, top quality

  • Flexible application, simple operation
  • High welding quality for smaller components
  • Stand-alone devices in a compact design
  • Rotary index table for very high throughput
  • Without rotary index table available as PowerWeld 2000
  • Integrated quality control
[Translate to USA:] LPKF PowerWeld 2600

Flexible and universal

LPKF PowerWeld 2000/2600: Compact welding system for (almost) every application

The LPKF PowerWeld 2000 and PowerWeld 2600 systems enable high design flexibility. All components are accommodated in the compact housing: laser, control unit and cooling system. The PowerWeld 2600 also features a rotary index table for higher throughput. Integrated online process monitoring ensures optimum workpiece quality and productivity.

Application Examples

[Translate to USA:] Norgren valve
Perfect Valve

PowerWeld 2600 uses radial welding to join cylindrical objects such as these valve sets for automotive applications

[Translate to USA:] Electric Shaver
Electric Shaver

The flexibility of the LPKF PowerWeld 2000/2600 was the key to making it possible: variable laser plastic welding for watertight welds

[Translate to USA:] Medical Electronics Housing
Electronics Housing

Reliability for medical technology: electronics housing safely and gently welded using laser technology


LPKF PowerWeld 2000 Gen2 Systems (pdf - 207 KB)

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