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LPKF’s development of printed circuit board tools to satisfy the extreme precision and performance requirements of current state of the art circuit boards has produced a large range of high performance precision cutting tools. These tools are custom designed for LPKF and made of 100% top quality micro-grain carbide resulting in:

  • Significantly longer tool life
  • Precise cuts
  • Diminished drill flux

The proprietary designs and extreme geometric tolerances are accomplished with extensive testing and design reconfiguration resulting in a high quality end product. LPKF’s research and development process is a commitment to the quality and performance of LPKF machines and printed circuit board tools. The research and development programs are carefully guided by customer need and immerging technologies.

We recognize that in-house PCB prototyping requires custom designed tooling to get the job done and that standard industrial carbide tools don’t fulfill the quality demands needed for undistorted circuit performance.

For ease of use and to minimize the set-up time, LPKF tools come in two different lengths:

  • 36 mm (1.42“) for tools working on the surface (milling bits and endmills)
  • 38 mm (1.5“) for tools that work through the material (drill and router bits)