LPKF Receives a Major Order from a Leading Chip Manufacturer for High Volume Manufacturing Equipment of Glass Wafers for Semiconductor Packaging

Garbsen, 1 June 2021– LPKF Laser & Electronics has received a follow-up order for additional laser systems from the semiconductor industry. A leading global chip manufacturer had installed a first laser-induced deep etching system (LIDE) at the beginning of 2020 and, after a qualification phase, initially used it for its own product development. Now, the customer has ordered further LIDE systems to start volume production of electronic components with IC packages made of glass. The order has a volume of EUR 5-8 million and is expected to generate revenue for LPKF in 2022.

LPKF’s LIDE technology (Laser Induced Deep Etching) enables customers to process thin glass quickly, precisely and without any damage such as micro-cracks. This makes LIDE a basic technology for many glass-based microsystems technology applications, including the fabrication of glass for semiconductor packaging, displays, sensors or MEMS.

Dr. Roman Ostholt, Managing Director of the Electronics Business Unit at LPKF, is pleased that the customer has achieved an important innovation goal in a short time by using LIDE technology. “Starting next year, our customer will be a big step ahead of its competitors with its new products,” says Ostholt. At the same time, he is aware of the signaling effect that this order will have. “LIDE can now demonstrate to meet the extremely high manufacturing standards of the semiconductor industry. This also qualifies the technology for high volume manufacturing in other relevant industries.”

“We have reached an important milestone with this first, demanding application of our LIDE systems in serial production,” says CFO Christian Witt. “We will continue to advance the implementation of the various LIDE applications as fast as possible to provide our customers with a competitive edge.”

At its headquarters in Garbsen, LPKF operates its own LIDE production facility for glass components under cleanroom conditions (www.vitrion.com). From here, the company supplies customers around the world with high-precision components made of glass for a wide range of applications.

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