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Laser Plastic Welding of Electronic Enclosures

Fluid Reservoir Pre-Weld

Laser Plastic Welding is the ideal joining technology for electronic housings and enclosures. Traditional welding techniques, such as ultrasonic/vibration welding, introduce significant mechanical stress to sensitive electronic components and solder joints on printed circuit boards - negatively influencing the production yield and in-field reliability of the end product. Alternatively, by using laser energy to bond plastic lids to plastic housings, the mechanical stress is eliminated: The housing, lid, and internal electronics remain static during the welding process, ensuring a strong bond while maintaining the integrity of the internal electronics.

  • Cost Reduction

    The implementation of Laser Plastic Welding technology will lead to further design and assembly analysis, resulting in cost reductions from improved design methodology and automation. Additional assembly materials can also be eliminated, further reducing costs; mounting screws, adhesives, and potting fill are no longer needed.

  • Protects Sensitive Parts

    Laser Plastic Welding protects sensitive electronics, sensors and components in the package. No high energy vibrations or massive heat soaks are applied to the parts, assuring the electronic components are not affected by the joining process.

  • Quicker Process

    Compared to gluing techniques, there is no set-up or “cure time”. The laser weld process is instantaneous. Cycle times are fast and easily calculated for new designs.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

    Laser Plastic Welding produces a clean, aesthetic joining surface that is often incorporated into the design of the part. The process gives designers a way to join class “A” surfaces without affecting the look of the material.

  • Miniaturization of Design

    Laser Plastic Welding allows for miniaturization, reducing both weight and footprint while eliminating the extra room designed-in for ultrasonic and vibration welding features, snap features and glue wells.