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LPKF ProMask® System
Part #: 117072
Weight: 13
Price: $900.00   Set

The LPKF ProMask® System is a quick, simple, and cost effective solution for creating clean electrical insulation between tracks and components. ProMask® completely protects PCBs from environmental corrosion or oxidation, and provides optimal preparation for short-free soldering. The necessary components for this process are as follows; The LPKF ProMask system (p/n 117072) the LPKF UV table (p/n 117192), a Laser Printer (min 600 dpi) and a Hot Air Oven (p/n 115877). LPKF ProMask includes, 10 foam rollers, 1 roller tray and roller handle, 10 Developer 10 gram packets, 10 Conditioner 7 gram packets (used to neutralize the Developer), 20 wooden spatulas, 1 cleaning brush, 1 developer flask, 1 developer dish, 20 black/white laser printer films, 1 pair of heavy duty gloves, 10 pairs of disposable gloves, 2 PCB handles, 20 during packets, 20 varnish packets, & 1 cleaner (500 ml) deoxidizer.

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