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LPKF EasyContac Kit
Part #: 110914
Weight: 3
Price: $700.00   1 ea

LPKF EasyContac was developed for prototype circuit boards with less than 50 through-plated holes and PCB repairs. All the necessary parts are conveniently packed in a handy box. The key components of LPKF EasyContac are rivets made out of a special copper alloy. These rivets are available with external diameters of 0.8mm (31mil), 1.0mm (39mil), 1.4mm (55mil) and 1.6mm (63mil). The inner diameter is 0.2mm (8mil) or 0.4mm (16mil) smaller. They are placed in the hole by hand and riveted with the help of a punch tool. The hole can still be populated with a component lead if required before soldering.
Kit includes: Qty 1,000 each rivet size, Anvil, Tweezers, Punching Tool Tip A & B

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