LPKF's Fact Sheet

14 Key Benefits of Adopting Laser Plastic Welding Technology

Have questions about whether or not adopting laser plastic welding is right for your project?

This Fact Sheet on the Laser Plastic Welding will walk you through some of the questions to consider when considering what welding technology to chose for a particular project and, most importantly, provide you the benefits of choosing Laser Plastic Welding.

The Fact Sheet Overview:


Laser plastic welding, also often referred to as through-transmission welding, is a process of bonding plastic using focused laser radiation. The process is very much different than traditional metal welding.

This fact sheet walks you through 14 key benefits you will see from adopting this technology.

Download this Fact Sheet to Learn

  • How laser plastic welding protects senstive electronics & sensors.
  • How this type of welding produces clean, asthetic joining surfaces.
  • How laser plastic welding reduces the assembly cycle time and the number of operators.
  • And many more!