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In-House PCB Prototyping

PCB Prototyping Webinars
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Learn more about LPKF's flagship technology - in-house prototyping of printed circuit boards. Topics include milling and laser etching of PCBs, benefits of in-house prototyping when compared with outsourced alternatives, strategies for winning purchase approval, and more.


Laser Plastic Welding

Transparent Laser Plastic Welding Laser Plastic Welding Webinars Home

Learn more about bonding plastic componenets with lasers - a hot topic in the medical and automotive industries. Topics include laser welding basics, laser welding design guidelines, and joining clear polymers without additives.


Laser Direct Structuring of MIDs

3D Circuitry on Thermoplastics: Creating Molded Interconnect Devices with Laser Direct Structuring
Laser Direct Structuring Webinars Home
Learn more about laser direct structuring, a patented process for producing 3-dimensional circuitry on molded interconnect devices (MIDs). Topics include MID benefits and specific laser direct structuring applications.

UV PCB Depaneling

PCB Depaneling Webinars
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Learn more about how low-stress nature of UV light makes it ideal for processing and depaneling flex, rigid-flex, and RF PCB materials. Topics include UV applications, benefits of UV lasers, and flex circuit depaneling.

SMT Stencil Cutting

SMT Stencil Cutting Webinars
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Learn more about LPKF's SMT stencil laser cutting technology. Topics include the evolution of stencil laser cutting, the importance of aperture location accuracy, and how correct aprture size is vital to acheive optimal paste release.