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ProtoMat X60

Click here to see the ProtoMat X60 datasheet PCB prototyping with maximum working area

The ProtoMat X60 is a milling system designed for very large printed circuit board and electronics applications. A working area of 25.6" x 20.8" ensures even the largest PCB applications can be processed with precision and accuracy.

The system works straight from CAD data to process boards and is fully capable of milling, drilling, and routing applications. A standard non-contact depth limiter ensures RF and microwave designs achieve maximum performance. Options such as fiducial recognition can be added to further enhance the X60's impressive capability.

Structuring laminated materialsStructuring laminated materials RF and microwave boardsRF and microwave boards Drilling vias and through-holesDrilling vias and through-holes
Routing and depaneling PCBsRouting and depaneling PCBs Multilayer boards up to 8 layersMultilayer boards up to 8 layers Engraving front panelsEngraving front panels
ProtoMat X60ProtoMat X60

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