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ProtoMat S43

ProtoMat S43

Click here to see the ProtoMat S43 datasheet Entry-level PCB milling with upgrade options

The ProtoMat S43 is the entry-level model in LPKF's ProtoMat S-Series. Featuring a travel speed of 150 mm/s and spindle speed of 40,000 rpm, the ProtoMat S43 is perfect for rapid creation of single and double-sided printed circuit boards. An acoustic cabinet ensures reduced noise in the R&D lab and a quick-release tool holder allows for easy changing of endmills and drills.

The ProtoMat S43 works straight from CAD data to process boards. System options include optical fiducial recognition, dust extraction, and vacuum table. The system can be upgraded in two steps to have the same features as the top-of-the-line ProtoMat S103, making the S43 the perfect entry-level PCB milling option for those with flexible requirements.

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