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Click here to see the ProtoMat S103 datasheet Top-of-the-line PCB milling for advanced applications

The ProtoMat S103 is the premier system in the LPKF S-Series line of printed circuit board milling machines. It is capable of processing advanced PCB applications with ease thanks to system features such as optical fiducial recognition and milling resolution of 0.002 mils.

The ProtoMat S103 works straight from CAD data to process boards. Standard features unique to the system include a vacuum table for reworking damaged PCBs and securing delicate or flexible materials, as well as a non-contact depth limiter, or air-foot, which ensures nothing comes in contact with the board but the tool. This feature is especially useful for those working with RF and microwave designs.

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Structuring laminated materialsStructuring laminated materials RF and microwave boardsRF and microwave boards Drilling vias and through-holesDrilling vias and through-holes
Routing and depaneling PCBsRouting and depaneling PCBs Multilayer boards up to 8 layersMultilayer boards up to 8 layers Engraving front panelsEngraving front panels
ProtoMat S103ProtoMat S103 S103 milling headS103 milling head ProtoMat S-Series videoProtoMat S-Series video
Engineer with finished prototypesEngineer with finished prototypes S103 toolbarS103 toolbar

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