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ProtoLaser S

ProtoLaser S

Click here to see the ProtoLaser S datasheet Ultra-fast, advanced PCB laser etching

The ProtoLaser S is an infrared laser system for etching printed circuit boards. Its non-contact beam and unrivaled accuracy allow it create fine line circuit features on virtually any PCB material. The system works straight from CAD data to process boards. Circuit traces as small as 50 µm can be achieved, along with spacing of 25 µm. The system's advanced speed allows it to be used not only for R&D but also small-scale production.

Boris Yasinov of Elcom Technologies says of the ProtoLaser S, "It has allowed us to produce as many as 500 custom filters in just one week... the ProtoLaser (is) one of our most important investments in capital technology."

ProtoLaser S material compatibility includes FR4, PET, ceramics, and high-frequency RF and microwave materials (TMM, RT/duroid, Rogers 4000 series, etc.).

Structuring laminated materialsStructuring laminated materials RF and microwave boardsRF and microwave boards PTFE etchingPTFE etching
Fired ceramics etchingFired ceramics etching Fine line circuit featuresFine line circuit features On-demand RF productionOn-demand RF production
Multilayer boards up to 8 layersMultilayer boards up to 8 layers
ProtoLaser SProtoLaser S ProtoLaser S interiorProtoLaser S interior ProtoLaser S videoProtoLaser S video
ProtoLaser S in actionProtoLaser S in action