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Rapid Prototyping Systems

LPKF's family of rapid PCB prototyping systems provides ideal R&D equipment for virtually any engineering environment. Each system is individually calibrated at the manufacturing site to provide maximum positioning accuracy and feature resolution. With dedicated service and support professionals found in over 45 countries,
it's easy to see why thousands of LPKF systems are installed worldwide.

Desktop PCB Milling Machines
Desktop PCB Milling Machines

The ProtoMat S-Series is LPKF's best-
known product group and consists of
three systems with a range of features
to fit any engineering environment.
PCB Laser Etching Systems
PCB Laser Etching Systems

The ProtoLaser S and ProtoLaser U3
provide on-demand PCB production for
applications requiring faster speeds, higher
accuracy, or diverse materials.
Large Table PCB Milling Machines
Large Table PCB Milling Machines

These top-of-the-line milling machines
feature oversized working areas for
rapid prototyping of large applications.
Entry-level PCB Milling Machine
Entry-Level PCB Milling Machine

The ProtoMat E33 is a cost-effective
introduction to rapid prototyping, ideal
for educational and training purposes.