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ProtoMat E33

ProtoMat E33

Click here to see the ProtoMat E33 datasheet Entry-level price, high-quality performance

The ProtoMat E33 is LPKF's entry-level printed circuit board milling system. Capable of producing multiple boards in a single day, the system offers a small footprint and ease of use from setup through finished prototype.

The ProtoMat E33 works straight from CAD data to process boards and is specifically designed for processing laminated PCB materials such as FR4 or CEM 1. Tasks performed include milling, drilling through holes, and contour routing. The ProtoMat E33 features a 33,000 RPM spindle motor and milling resolution of 0.8 ┬Ám. It can achieve traces and spacing as small as 4 mil and drill holes as small as 6 mil.

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