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LPKF ProtoMat® E33

Entry-level in-house PCB Prototyping
LPKF ProtoMat E33

The ProtoMat® E33 already showcases its advantages even with smaller batches or occasional use: it features precision similar to the ProtoMat® S-series high-speed systems yet sticks to the basics.

It masters milling tasks on copper-coated PCB material, handles drilling through-holes or separates units from larger panels. The ProtoMat E33 is designed specifically for processing laminated PCB materials such as FR4 or CEM 1.

The special focus is on its ease of use from setup to application. The innovative milling plotter is a valuable partner for the electronics lab, the creation of prototypes or training purposes.

For training, shop and lab

A sturdy, reliable system with a small footprint: the LPKF ProtoMat® E33 is perfectly suited for PCB processing.

Built-in precision

At a resolution of less than 1 μm, a repeat accuracy of +/- 5 μm and reamed hole precision of +/- 20 μm the small milling plotter more than meets the typical requirements for single- or double-sided PCBs.


All the LPKF ProtoMat® E33 needs is an electrical outlet, a dust extraction and a PC. The LPKF CircuitPRO LITE software handles data preparation, editing for PCB structuring and system control – intuitive and with full user support. Jobs can be saved as files and called up with just a few clicks.