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ProtoMat D104

ProtoMat D104

Download PDF Datasheet Here Milling and Laser Prototyping in One System

The ProtoMat D104’s integrated UV laser separates it from traditional milling machines by extending the range of possible applications. With a beam spot size of just 15 µm, PCB track widths of 50 µm and spaces of 30 µm can be achieved. An intelligent control system and advanced CircuitPro software determine independently when either the precise laser or the faster mechanical tools should be used, depending on the board layout.

The ProtoMat D104 can structure a wide variety of circuit board materials, including FR4, high frequency materials, fired ceramics, and more. This makes the D104 ideal for those working with analog, digital, RF, or microwave designs. View the datasheet or browse the images below to learn more.

Structuring laminated materialsStructuring laminated materials RF and microwave boardsRF and microwave boards Drilling vias and through-holesDrilling vias and through-holes
Multilayer boards up to 8 layersMultilayer boards up to 8 layers Rigid-flex PCBsRigid-flex PCBs Structuring fired ceramics (board size 0.5" x 0.75")Structuring fired ceramics (board size 0.5" x 0.75")
Routing and depaneling PCBsRouting and depaneling PCBs Engraving front panelsEngraving front panels
ProtoMat D104ProtoMat D104 System InteriorSystem Interior Circuit structuring on FR4 (Circuit traces as small as 50 µm)Circuit structuring on FR4 (Circuit traces as small as 50 µm)
Circuit data - green represents laser processing, red represents millingCircuit data

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