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ProtoLaser LDI

ProtoLaser LDI

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Latest Evolution in Laser Direct Imaging

Growing markets for microfluidic applicaitons and research in chemistry, biology, life-sciences, medicine, physics and photonics demand flexible and fast in-house prototyping possibilities.

The ProtoLaser LDI is a universal, high-resolution, table top laser direct imaging (LDI) system for prototyping on resist-covered substrates. A transferred image has even better defined edges compared to conventional lithography. With a working area of up to 100 x 100 mm on structures down to 1 μm, this is an ideal tool for microfluidic designs.

Faster Time to Market

The UV laser based LPKF ProtoLaser LDI structures on UV resist-covered substrate – directly from CAD. So there is no need for expensive mask alignment equipment, and no need to wait for costly masks. The process can actually be utilized on different flat substrates without any special environment conditions. The substrate is simply inserted using a standard or custom designed cartridge. Also since the process is contact-less, there is no tool wear-out. Which results in no maintenance being necessary for years, virtually eliminating running costs. It makes this system a perfect, and very affordable, tool to produce and test the most daring designs.

Cylinders exposed in SU8Cylinders exposed in SU8 Microfluidic CircuitMicrofluidic Circuit Array of micro-lenses in AZArray of micro-lenses in AZ
LPKF ProtoLaser LDI SystemLPKF ProtoLaser LDI System LPKF ProtoLaser LDI Cartridge StotLPKF ProtoLaser LDI Cartridge Stot

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