LPKF MicroCut G 6080

MicroCut G 6080

The new benchmark for small apertures

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The answer to growing market requirements

Based on the proven StencilLaser G 6080 system concept, the LPKF MicroCut G 6080 offers unique advantages for users who value extremely small stencil openings and corresponding print results.

Cutting-edge technology

State-of-the-art positioning and cutting technology, specially tailored to the requirements of small apertures, makes it possible to cut exact openings with a size of only 18 μm on the laser entry side and 10 μm on the exit side -- e.g. in 30-μm-stainless steel foil.

Easy to use

The uncomplicated programming and parameter finding makes it easy to overcome existing process limits and to meet increasing market requirements.

  • Wafer stencils
  • Flux stencils
  • Filter applications
  • Highest precision, optimum results
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