Fusion3D 6000

High Volume Production of MIDs

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Designed for 24/7 operation, the LPKF Fusion3D 6000 is fully equipped for the laser-structuring of molded interconnect devices (MID). The laser system increases the economic advantages of the LDS production method and makes production runs with high quantities economical for all kinds of applications.

The LPKF Fusion3D 6000 laser system structures complex three-dimensional electronic components (MID) from multiple sides - with up to four laser heads simultaneously. This reduces laser structuring time and eliminates the time needed for rotating the components.

The system works with mass production to replace the inflexible tool-based production methods like insert molding or two-component injection molding. In the production of time and cost sensitive applications, the LDS method reduces initial costs substantially and gains valuable time in the design and start-up phase.

Simplified Handling

Setup and changeover to a different part is done quickly. The production data is stored with all parameters, for easy access at any time. The machine software automatically distributes the processing data to each individual laser head, optimizing the cycle time. The automated part handling ensures speed, accuracy and repeatability while keeping personnel cost to a minimum.

Greater Precision

Avoiding movements during structuring, and mounting structuring mechanism to solid granite, guarantees even higher precision.

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