Fusion3D 1500

Fusion3D 1500

Cost-Effective Entry into Laser Direct Structuring (LDS)

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In the last two years, laser direct structuring (LDS) has proven itself in series production a million times over. The technology has been continuously refined and developed and is now overcoming previous limitations related to component length. The LPKF Fusion3D 1500 maximizes the benefits of cutting edge LDS technology by combining the capability of the LPKF high-performance structuring unit with the flexibility of a compact system.

Key features:

  • Working range: max. 400 mm x 78 mm x 80 mm (L x W x H)
  • Precise linear actuators
  • Simple fixture design
  • Upgrade option for multiple processing unit controller (MPC)

Proven Technology

The LPKF Fusion3D 1500 is a system that transfers the proven LDS technology of smart phone antennas to larger components. The whole system comes in a compact enclosure with handling module and linear actuators that offer precise motion and control.

Faster Product Development

24/7 industrial design cycles are no problem for the proven laser direct structuring unit from LPKF. Trained service personnel are available worldwide for start-up and servicing. An application center helps with feasibility studies and machine design, and job-order manufacturing helps with production peaks and series start-up: LPKF is committed to working with its customers to create solutions for any product need.

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