CuttingMaster 2000

CuttingMaster 2000

Stress-free and cost-effective depaneling of rigid and flexible printed circuit boards

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Redefining PCB Laser Depaneling

Characterized by a compact outer design the CuttingMaster 2000 offers a range of different laser powers and wavelengths for a working area of up to 350 mm x 350 mm. The cost-effective system is capable to use LPKFs CleanCut technology which guarantees a maximum technical cleanliness of the cutting edges.

  • Best Performance
  • Robust with long durability
  • High and stable precision
  • High yield in production

The UV laser system is ideal for cutting flexible, rigid-flexible and rigid printed circuit boards. Users benefit from the advantages of laser technology: the cuts are precisely positioned, there is a high degree of design freedom, and the surrounding material remains free of mechanical stress. The systems of the LPKF CuttingMaster series are easy to operate thanks to the sophisticated, integrated software. In addition, the compact machines offer a convincing price comparable to that of mechanical cutting systems - without compromising quality, efficiency or flexibility.

Process advantages through the use of lasers

  • The laser process is fully software controlled. Changing materials or cutting contours are simply handled by adjusting the processing parameters and laser paths.
  • Laser cutting with the laser does not cause any significant mechanical or thermal stress. The ablation products are extracted directly at the cutting channel. In this way even sensitive substrates can be precisely processed.
  • The laser beam requires only a few µm as the cutting channel. In this way, more components can be placed on one panel.

Simple operation

The LPKF CuttingMaster 2000 series makes depaneling a simple job: The layout files are easily transferred to the machine at the click of a mouse - without lengthy changeover times or previous time-consuming tool production.

CuttingMaster 2000

Manual (P) Automated (Ci)
Max. Working Area 350 mm x 350 mm 350 mm x 250 mm
Positioning accuracy +/- 25 µm
Diameter of focussed laser beam < 20 µm
System dimensions (W x H x D) 875 mm x 1510 mm (2070 mm)* x 1125 mm
Weight ca. 450 kg
*   Height including status light
Technical specifications subject to change.

Available Variants

Laser power Wavelength Pulse duration 3000 series CleanCut
15 W 355 nm (UV) nano second 2115 -
27 W 355 nm (UV) nano second 2127 X
32 W 532 nm (green) nano second 2232 X
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