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See a video about 3D MID structuring
See a video about
3D MID structuring

3D Circuitry on Thermoplastics

3D molded interconnect devices (MIDs) utilize the best of both mechanical and electrical design - saving space, reducing cost, and increasing reliability. With the ever-present trend towards miniaturization and the need for versatile production options, laser direct structuring (LDS) has been at the forefront of the MID resurgence.

Laser direct structuring is a 3-step process for creating MIDs that makes entering their world a viable option for companies in all industries - from automotive to medical to telecommunications. Register for this original webinar to learn why creating 3D circuitry on thermoplastics may be right for you.

In The Webinar:
  • Why designers should consider 3D circuitry on thermoplastics
  • Benefits and history of the molded interconnect device
  • What laser direct structuring is and how it works
  • MID applications created with LDS

Who This Will Benefit:
  • Electrical designers and engineers
  • Mechanical designers and engineers
  • Antenna designers
  • Wiring harness designers
  • Chief technology officers
  • Manufacturing and production engineers
  • Designers in any of the following industries: automotive, medical, telecommunications, security, RFID, micropackaging

Additional materials: