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MicroLine 6000 S

MicroLine 6000 Series

Click here to see the MicroLine 6000 series datasheet Inline UV laser depaneling

The MicroLine 6000 Series performs automated, particulate-free separation of circuits from larger panels of rigid, flexible, or rigid-flex materials. The UV laser keeps delicate components and sensitive board materials free of mechanical stress while significantly reducing the effects of thermal stress.

Benefitting from a small beam size and superior accuracy, the MicroLine 6000 Series allows more circuits to fit on each panel and the ability to place components right up to the edge of the board. MicroLine 6000 Series systems can be equipped with either a 6 or 12 watt laser source.

Cutting of flex circuits in arbitrary shapesCutting of flex circuits in arbitrary shapes Cutting rigid PCB materialsCutting rigid PCB materials Cutting rigid-flex materialsCutting rigid-flex materials
Cutting cover layersCutting cover layers Drilling flex materialsDrilling flex materials Pocket creation for embedding chipsPocket creation for embedding chips
Repairing solder resistsRepairing solder resists Removal of organic and metal etch resistsRemoval of organic and metal etch resists Removing laminated cover layersRemoving laminated cover layers
MiroLine 6000 Series systemMiroLine 6000 Series system MicroLine 6000 Series sytem with conveyor beltMicroLine 6000 Series sytem with conveyor belt System footageSystem footage
Mechanical stress and PCB depanelingMechanical stress and PCB depaneling